Learning For Children Software

Are you looking for an easy way to see if your child is ready for kindergarten?


  • Does your child enjoy using the computer?
  • 2

  • Are you looking for an exciting way to motivate your child to learn?
  • 3

  • Would you like to measure your child's knowledge of pre-K concepts in a stress-free and fun way?
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  • Do you want an educational product that has been tested with children of all abilities and is easily accessible?

Then, you have come to the right place! Learning For Children software can do all these things and more...

Learning For Children software is appropriate for children with a developmental age of 3-7 years. The software provides fun, educational activities for children to play while simultaneously evaluating performance. The data collection may be used to inform parents and teachers of potential challenges that may indicate neurodevelopmental issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), developmental language disorders, or developmental delays.

The software has 18 activities and contains 7 free play "games" that are fun and exciting.

The 18 activities are sequenced into six levels:


  • Auditory Discrimination correctly distinguishes and matches sounds
  • 2

  • Visual Perception and Discrimination correctly distinguishes and matches visual images
  • 3

  • Visual Motor Coordination coordinates hand to eye movements
  • 4

  • Concept Formation understands that ideas can represent
  • 5

  • Verbal Comprehension listens to and understands
  • 6

  • Logic and Reasoning reasonable decisions

Data Collection:

  • Provides measure of the child's performance
  • Data is automatically collected and analyzed according to developmentally appropriate standards for children ages 3-7 years
  • Activities are "game like" allowing the child to play therefore alleviating any test anxiety
  • Activities are changed in arrangement each time the activity is played to test child's ability to adapt to random sequencing
  • Data reports are clear and easy to read
  • game
  • Click picture and play "Things That Belong", an activity example straight from the game!